Luxury apartment in Provence

The Extra room for another 2 adults

You travel with friends? We can offer an extra room. Access to this little paradise of 65 m2 (700 sqf) is via the hall stairway, which features an ornate wrought iron design of an olive tree, that much-loved symbol of Provence.

On the first floor is this extra bedroom, which pays tribute to the flowers that Michèle adores. She has successfully created a décor characterized by understated elegance. The main feature in the room is a very fine wardrobe with a carved pediment representing 2 intertwined roses. The room is spacious and light and is decorated in shades of pink, fuchsia and purple in the shape of its armchairs, soft furnishings and the bed canopy. Underfoot is a chevron pattern parquet floor that creaks gently under guests’ footsteps. The bed linen is delicately scented with the sweet fragrances of provence France, beckoning you to slip between the sheets of the king size bed and dream sweet dreams. The curtains are genuine toile de Jouy designs from luxury fabric-makers Pierre Frey, chosen by the mistress of the house. Her attention to detail can be seen in the matching designs on the wall-fixed lights. A selection of old wall-mounted engravings add a final decorative flourish to the bedroom.

A small area separates bedroom and bathroom, an alcove carved out of the stone that houses an elegant wash-hand basin, making an ideal setting for afternoon tea or a light meal. The bathroom is very light and is as romantic and comfortable as you could wish for, featuring a cast-iron clawfoot bath and a very large enclosed shower. This means that relaxation is guaranteed, whether you choose bath or shower, with the experience being topped off with the shower and body care products that your hosts have chosen for you. The paintings of angels, the finely-worked light fittings and the red tile flooring are a testament to the efforts Michèle and Fred have made to recreate a really cosy Provençal ambience in this room. Above the two wash-hand basins hang a couple of delicately-carved mirrors that bear the traces of time and which were bought from antiques dealers.


Appartement de luxe
Luxury apartment

Michèle et Fred Vogt
Domaine le Vallon
4561, chemin de Serres

Tél. : +33 (0)4 90 62 71 27